$75.00 Per Hour / $350 maximum, per day, within North America.

In the USA

If a client finds the horse he/she wants to visit, there will be no commission involved; only the trip expenses (ie air fare, hotel, car rental, and food) and fees will be paid for by the client .  If Elizabeth finds the potential horse and the client purchases it, the client will pay a 10% commission and deduct the trip expenses.

In Europe

If a client chooses to shop for a horse in Europe, all expenses are paid for by the client.  There will be no commission involved, but there will be a daily fee (which will be determined prior to the trip). 

Please email royalbuestables@icloud.com for more information or to schedule a purchasing trip. 

Client Connections

Giselle (St. Augustine, FL) - Amanda Anderson
Yoram (Netherlands) - Sally Cahill / Bessie Farrior
Chloe (New York) - Amy Farrior
Renoir (Netherlands) - Bryn Cahill
Star Performer (Netherlands) - Sally Cahll
Jurioso - (Jupiter, FL) - Judy Carter
Silverado (North Carolina) - Lynne Prado
Redux (Ocala, FL) - Jessica Combs
The Duke of Brunswick (WPB, FL) - Sally Cahill
Rocky (Tampa, FL) - Bryn Cahill
Gracie (Wesley Chapel, FL) - Bessie Farrior
Cody (Plant City, FL) - McKenzie Kennedy
Selina (Plant  City, FL) - McKenzie Kennedy
Aries (Wellington) - Alberta McEuen
Point D'esprit (Odessa, FL)- Deborah Cangialosi

San Paolo (Wellington, FL) - Lynne Prado

Stradivarius (Netherlands) - Carolina Blanton

M Dante Z (Wellington, FL) - Lori Roe

Calvador V (Wellington, FL) - Deborah Cangialosi

Lord Perry (Wellington, FL) - Brittany Turner 

Horses Sold

Royal Diamant - Wendy M.
Royal Sapphire - Erin Rapp
Royal Replay - Vanessa Krikava
Lucky Royal - Steven Duchac
Dancing Leifie - Pat Cumberland
Darwin - Joan Carson
Auburn Royal - Terri Miller
Pinzanto - Britney Nolan
Cassone - Mark Thomson

Don Bolero Royal - Tara Murphy