"Elizabeth has been a good friend of the family since the mid 80s when we all got to know each other  boarding our horses together in England.  Back then, horses were a hobby and now we both run a dressage training/boarding business here in the US.  Over the years Elizabeth has amassed a great number of successes at Dressage shows at every level on many horses.  She is particularly skilled at preparing her students for tests, which includes the work done at home and the warm up at shows.  Elizabeth has an excellent eye, is extremely well organized, has great patience and tenacity, is enthusiastic, positive and inspirational.  Her and her students' results speak for themselves.  Anyone can benefit from Elizabeth's help in preparing to ride a dressage test at any level, as I did."

- Vanessa Krikava, USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist

"​Elizabeth is not only a magnificent instructor but also an amazing student.  No matter how good she gets, she is determined to continue to learn and become the best that she can be.  This perseverance translates into her instruction.  She gives 100% in each and every lesson and pushes each student, like myself, to exceed their own expectations.  Elizabeth’s passion is for her students.  Whether you own a well trained proven dressage horse, a young project, or an off the track Thoroughbred, her determination is equal across the board.  When I got my Thoroughbred, Mac, off the track, many fellow horsemen suggested I get another type of horse, a 'fancier' horse, a 'better' horse... but not Elizabeth.  She knew I loved my horse and has been committed to making us the best team possible.  As a result, Mac has been transformed from a racehorse to my dressage partner.  She is a wonderful person and truly gifted in the equestrian arena; simply put, Elizabeth is second to none!  Go to Royal Blue and your dreams will come true!"

​- Tara Murphy

“Elizabeth is an extremely caring and giving instructor/trainer/barn owner. She has the knowledge, enthusiasm, and connections to take anyone who truly wishes to go up the levels to their highest achievements. Elizabeth is a person who continually learns with her own horses . It is not an easy venture to be sure. If you are starting out in this game of dressage, she is surely one of the few people that can get you from ground zero to the top in short order, with the correct training of the horse and rider intact.”  

- Denise Perrotta, USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist

​"After working with a myriad of different trainers in my 17 years of riding, I have found the greatest trainer I could ask for in Elizabeth. I'm fully confident I will never need to search for another. She truly seems to have the answer to everything and can adapt to any kind of horse and/or rider. Under her watchful eye and expertise, I have had a very strong start to my dressage career with my homebred stock horse. I go out of my way to trailer my horse to her farm and reap the benefits of her well groomed arena. Elizabeth puts a stamp on her riders and though horse shows are not all about the blue ribbons, she can absolutely help you to achieve them, and to reach your goals at any level. I can't wait to see what the future holds for our team :)"

​-Heather Miller, USDF Bronze Medalist and Bronze Musical Freestyle Bar

​"Elizabeth has made all of my dreams of becoming a dressage rider come true! I have been her student since 2000 and ever since then she has guided me with an honest, caring, and nurturing hand all the way. I have become so much more than I ever thought possible with her expert instruction. If you have goals of becoming the rider you've always dreamed of being, look no further than Elizabeth Campbell! She will take you there."

- Rebecca Ruthberg-Campagna,

USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist and USDF Bronze and Silver Musical Freestyle Bar

"My intent is to call attention to the most influential, hard working and long suffering trainer I've ever had - someone who put up with my drama, my tears, and who took on a mediocre rider (me) and taught a pain in the butt kid (me again) that showmanship, good sportsman-like conduct, and lots of hard work does pay off.Elizabeth Campbell - YOU are the reason I have 98% of these ribbons. Can't say thank you enough for everything you've done for me!"

- Amanda Anderson, USDF Bronze Medalist

“Royal Blue Stables is a very nice, clean and organized facility surrounded by beautiful nature and peaceful scenery. I enjoy hauling my horses there for a lesson or clinic. When I am away on vacation and board my horses there I can truly relax because I know Elizabeth will treat them like her own “children”.  Since we’ve been riding with Elizabeth my horse, and more so me, have made tremendous progress! I am thankful I met her and can call her my friend”.

- Mireille B. Henkemans – Doffegnies,  www.md-equine.com